A Cup o’ Joe

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Bible. Words that acknowledge both climate change and gay rights. It’s hopeful—and heavy, and difficult not to wonder how much idealism will be compromised in the next four years.
Which is why the Internet seems to be turning to Uncle Joe today. The Biden, that blond(ish) bastion of no-malarcky straight talk and aviator sunglasses, is always a welcome foil to his running mate, and doubly so when the future looms large and unknown. Here are some of the best offerings of Team Joe floating around the Web today.

Leslie Knope and Joe Biden

  • Leslie Knope and Joe Biden

1. Mother Jones’ refreshed this incredible retrospective, in which the VP plays Angry Birds, acts out a one-liner from CSI Miami and ignores a child.

2. If you’re not familiar with him, the Onion’s “Diamond” Joe Biden likes to hitchhike, show his chest hair and soliloquize about the everyman. In an excellent twist of virtual reality, Onion Joe hosted a Reddit AMA last Friday to celebrate the release of his book and was upstaged by his real alter-ego.

3. This is not recent, but it’s still excellent.