25 Days Project: Sacks on the Square

It’s technically a thrift store, and the money goes to charity, but I don’t know of a shop that I frequent more often than Sacks on the Square in Santa Rosa. I have purchased suits, furniture, shoes, stereo equipment, jewelry, records, games, electronics, decorations, glasses, cups, books, artwork, kitchen gadgets and more things I’m sure I couldn’t have survived without at the time. And they were all such good bargains! But this could describe my experience in any thrift store. What makes Sack’s unique is their friendly staff, always quick with a smile and sometimes even offering to deliver large items. It’s no wonder the shop is always occupied with shoppers young and elderly looking for cool stuff at good prices. And the profits go to Face to Face and Memorial Hospice, two extremely worthy Sonoma County charities, something that makes buying that suit jacket that might only be worn once feel justifiable when I drop it off at a donation site three months down the road again.

—Nicolas Grizzle

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