2004 Boho Awards

2004 Boho Awards

Bill Bowker
Vicki Kumpfer
Marin Shakespeare Co.
Zebulon’s Lounge

EVERY week this paper strives to reflect the community that lives, works, learns, eats and plays in the North Bay. For inspiration, we draw our ideas from you, aiming to mirror and inform some 80,000 fellow citizens about our collective lives. But for one fabulous week, we get to full on, plain old hail five people and/or organizations that make this rich community an even richer place for all of us to thrive.

While it’s never easy to choose just five Boho Award recipients, it’s always an absolute thrill to pick from such a large group of worthies. This year is no exception. We shout out to radio personality Bill Bowker for his 25 years of service, Napa’s COPIA center for its strong devotion to the surrounding community, city of Santa Rosa arts coordinator Vicky Kumpfer for beautifying the heart of the North Bay, Marin Shakespeare Co. for staying trippingly on the tongue, and Zebulon’s Trevor Cole for le jazz hot and le school cool.

Furthermore, this is our great excuse to throw a party. Our Boho Awards party is for our awardees, our readers, our neighbors, our friends–for you. This year, the fandango is slated for Thursday, Sept. 23, from 3:30pm to 7:30pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art at the LBC. Food, drink, live music from those cuties the Girls in Suede and those hep cats the Lemon Lime Lights… it’s all free.

Why? Because we love you.

From the September 22-28, 2004 issue of the North Bay Bohemian.

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