.Your Letters, April 5

Drawn From Life

Tom Tomorrow draws public figures in “This Modern World” so true to life that we all instantly recognize them, as well as portraying the dangerous silliness of Republicrats accurately week after week. I bet if he portrayed himself in a panel, we would recognize him.

Barry Barnett

Santa Rosa

Some Assembly Required

Regarding the article on Assemblymember Damon Connolly (March 22)—More for welfare while they continue to pollute our environment. Shame! We are paying ag to put the land back to where it was originally before they ruined it, which they cannot successfully do. It is just big money getting more out of our pockets and destroying our resources.

Mark White


Dog Days

Regarding “Dog Crisis” (March 15)—The worst part about most impulse buying American dog owners is that they never make the effort to train a dog—just tragic. This was easily seen when people adored dogs like popcorn during the pandemic. Then all these untrained dogs are back at shelters.

The best option for most people is to consider a dog like a car expense—if you do not have lots of money and ample space and time to spend training/caring for it, just don’t get a dog. It is a tragic American mentality to just scoop up pets, then leave them at shelters when it gets to be too inconvenient.

Margo Wixsom


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