A Fairfax festival with the body, soul and mind in mind


When it comes to health these days, there are a lot of reasons to be hysterical. The virus formerly known as “swine flu” is gearing up for another year of possible pandemic conditions. The New York Times is making us read all that stuff about horribly contaminated drinking water rotting children’s teeth. Things are bad, but if we all take a deep breath, maybe we can chill out and figure out how to live more healthy, happy lives. At least that’s the idea behind Fairfax Body & Soul, a community-centric festival that celebrates health and wellness for the both mind and body.Sponsored by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, Body & Soul aims to be fun for the whole community, with a jump house for the kids and ayurvedic cooking workshops for mom and dad. The festival also hopes to firmly support the health and wellness of the local economy, with free tickets going to anyone who patronizes nearby chamber of commerce businesses.

Fairfax has long had a history of supporting health. Rock legends Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead are rumored to have played a rousing softball game at the town’s Central Field. Continuing this traditional confluence of wellness and great tunes, the festival includes a lineup of notable mellow folk-rock gems. Fingerpicking guitar maven Walter Strauss, who was once described as “a one-man folk show,” will share the stage with local acoustic trio Three at Last, the improvisational singer-songwriter Scott Kalechstein and supergroup Fairfax All-star Band, including former members of Big Brother and the Holding Company and the Tom Finch Group.Body & Soul takes a truly holistic approach with the wide-sweeping range of free classes and panel discussion. Throughout the day festival-goers can learn new yoga techniques, tricks to really smooth tai chi, kung fu moves and how to shake it like a Bollywood star. Expert panels will also address numerous pressings health and wellness issues on topics ranging from parenting, children’s nutrition, women’s health, genetically modified products and even that scary flu virus. Don’t worry, with the shade of the redwoods, the opportunities for free massages, the organic wine and the pleasing music, both body and soul will have many more reasons to relax than to be hysterical. Celebrate the whole person on Saturday, Sept. 26, at Peri Park and the Fairfax Women’s Health Club. 46 Park St., Fairfax. Noon to 7pm. Free&–$5. www.wordoutconsulting.com.

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