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1 The Golden Gate Bridge opened for traffic on May 27 of what year?

2 VISUAL:  Those hollowed-out Halloween pumpkins with an illuminated, cut-out face are known by what name?

3 How many teaspoons make up one tablespoon?

4 The Australian state of Queensland and the U.S. state of Florida share what common name?

5 Facebook’s logo is represented by what body part?

6 VISUAL:  The surprise movie hit of 2002, which earned over $200 million at the box office while costing only about $5 million to make, was what independent romantic comedy written by Nia Vardalos?

7 No country name begins with what letter?

8 Which baseball player, popular in the 1960s–1980s, played more games than any other, had more hits than any other, was at bat more than any other, had more singles than any other and made more outs than any player ever?

9 Every year on a national holiday, the country of Turkmenistan hosts the “Most Beautiful … what animal?… of the Year” contest?

10 VISUAL:  What 17th-century monk and cellar master at the Benedictine abbey in Hautvillers, Northeastern France, was an early pioneer of modern winemaking?

BONUS QUESTION: What’s the only country that lies on the equator as well as the Tropic of Capricorn?

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1 1937

2 Jack O-Lanterns

3 Three teaspoons

4 Sunshine State

5 Thumbs-up

6 My Big Fat Greek Wedding

7 The letter “X”

8 Pete Rose (Charlie Hustle). Hits (4,256); games played (3,562); at-bats (14,053); singles (3,215); and outs (10,328).

9 Horse

10 Dom Pérignon (1638–1715)  

BONUS ANSWER:  Brazil; thanks for the question to Anita Ertel from Perth, Australia.

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