Three-Star Farmer

How did Dana Revallo go from working at the best restaurant in the world to growing food on a west Sonoma County farm?


Dana Revallo arrived at his new post as head farmer at Santa Rosa’s Summerfield Waldorf School this spring via an unlikely route: the backdoor of the world’s best restaurant.

Before it closed last month, El Bulli was routinely named the top restaurant in the world. Located in a tiny coastal town in northeasternmost Spain, the Michelin three-star restaurant was open just six months a year. Scoring a reservation was like finding a meteorite with a diamond in it.

Ferran Adria, El Bulli’s chef, is generally referred to as the father of molecular gastronomy, an avant-garde school of cuisine that borrows techniques and ingredients from the chemistry lab to manipulate food into otherworldly textures and forms. Think edible foams, gels and spherified asparagus. The final dinner menu at El Bulli featured otherworldly dishes like

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