.Thorns of Life officially broken up, Blake Schwarzenbach unveils new band: forgetters

It began all the way back in February, right after their West Coast tour and a recording session with J Robbins that apparently didn’t go smoothly. Friends of friends delivered the news that Thorns of Life broke up, and while I knew Aaron was out of the band, I thought Blake might at least find another drummer and keep the name.
Now, the long-running rumors about Thorns of Life breaking up can be made official.
Blake Schwarzenbach writes on his Facebook account: “the name of this band is forgetters. (no “the,” no capital “f.”) we played our first show on August 22nd in Crown Heights. members are: blake (guitar/vocal); caroline (bass/seaweed); kevin (drums).
“Kevin” looks to possibly be Kevin Mahon, the original drummer for Against Me, and “Caroline” fulfills Blake’s standing wish for a female bassist. Here’s hoping that some of the cherished Thorns of Life songs (the Gilman download is here) stay afloat under this new banner, and more importantly, that this band lasts. I’m glad Blake didn’t retreat back into musical hibernation for another six years. For now, though, there’s two burning questions.
1) What’s to become of the master tapes from the Thorns of Life studio recording?
2) Is forgetters a better or worse name than Thorns of Life?
More news as it arrives.


  1. There is no Thorns of Life recordings. I don’t know how I feel about the name, but Blake is my idol, and I’m sure this band will be gold. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to listen to the Gilman bootleg another 100 times.

  2. Thorns of life is a way better name… in my opinion.
    the poem it comes from… good
    think about thorns…….

  3. First of all, i’d like to stipulate the fact that I LOVE every blake schwarzenbach project, from jawbreaker to jets to brazil to the short lived thornz of life. I have heard of the Gilman show live recording with drummer Aaron Cometbus on drums and i still liked its “back to roots” melodic punk rock coz it reminds me of a more upbeat jets to brazil/jawbreaker.
    I believe forgetters could stand at par with his former projects, i just hope they come up with a catchier name coz “forgetters” don’t really have that “it” or knack for recall.
    Looking forward to hearing the new materials. blake!

  4. nothing will compare to jawbreaker, but thorns of life was coming close. we all need a little schwarz in our life, so i hope forgetters works out.

  5. Who cares about a name. what matters most is the music. Just to have the music there is the most important and best thing for all of us. Melodic or not, fast or slow, happy or sad, I just glad he’s back.


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