.Aug. 21: We Three Wives in Glen Ellen

What do a left-leaning country rocker, a poet turned chiropractor, the “Japanese Joni Mitchell” and the founder of one the country’s first rock music magazines have to do with each other? Well, they make up a unique kind of family. Paul Williams was just 17 in 1966 when he put out the first issue of Crawdaddy!, a pioneer publication committed to rock journalism. Besides being one of the first rock critics in America, a poet and an early Philip K. Dick enthusiast, Williams has also had a full love life—he married three times. First, there was singer-song writer Sachiko Kanenobu, a leading figure in Japan’s ’60s folk boom, whose 1972 album Misora became a Japanese sleeper hit in the ’90s. Then came Donna Grace Noyes, a one-time poet and actor who now practices a unique brand of chiropractics in Sonoma. Cindy Lee Berryhill Williams is a country music songstress with politically liberal ditties like “When did Jesus Become a Republican?” and is Williams’ current wife. Due to Williams’ early onset of Alzheimer’s, these three distinguished and distinct women will perform a benefit concert for the husband they evidently all still love. We Three Wives perform on Friday, Aug. 21, at a private residence. 5430 O’Donnell Lane, Glen Ellen. 7:30pm. $25. Reservation required; [email protected].Daniel Hirsch


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