.The Weeknd Printed Fake Signatures On His $200 “Signed” Trilogy Vinyl Box Set

Well, here’s a weird one: The Weeknd has faked his own signature on his $200, individually numbered-and-limited-to-500-copies, “signed” vinyl box set of Trilogy.
Chatter around the announcement of the ‘Trilogy’ vinyl box set was mostly about how expensive the damn thing was$66 per double album—but in the ever-increasing trend of pricey deluxe vinyl editions that sell out quickly, lots of fans and drooling record-collector dorks decided it was worth the cost for something special. After all, there’s only 500 copies, and hey, the thing’s signed.

Except the Weeknd’s ‘Trilogy’ vinyl box set isn’t actually signed.
Apparently Abel Tesfaye’s too busy to autograph copies for dedicated fans shelling out $200, because the prints included in each of the three records bear a pre-printed signature. Looking close, it’s clear that the autograph on each is part of the printed artwork, and not created by a Sharpie; also, the autographs are in the same location on all 500 copies. Even worse, the graphic designer imported a file with a replica of the same exact signature into the artwork layout on all three prints:

Did you shell out $200 for this box set? You got played, Holmes.
The packaging of the set itself is nicely done, with die-cut jacket pockets and vellum paper sleeves. The pressing sounds decent. But Abel Tesfaye didn’t actually sign these super-expensive “signed” box sets.
You have to admit: a scam like this is a really shitty thing to do to your fans.

UPDATE: Those who bought this box set are reporting receiving an email reading as follows:
“To all the fans,
We sincerely apologize for the issues with the Trilogy Vinyl Box Set. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication internally and you were ultimately led to believe the packages would be hand signed. To make up for that, everyone who ordered the set will receive a complementary lithograph insert, which will be hand signed, and a special item from the new project later on.
Sorry once again and we hope you will continue to show your support in the years to come.”

UPDATE: This was just posted on the Weeknd’s Instagram…

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