The Power to Protect

A chat on what's most important— dude to dude

Hey you, Mr. Big Shot. You know who you are. You get off on power and accumulating wealth and feeling important and successful. Por favor: do me a favor. It could change your life. Take a little child in your arms. If it’s your own kid, all the better, but if not, borrow a little dude.

Take the child in your arms. Hold it close. Feel its tiny heart beat against your chest. Don’t be afraid.

Give your head a rest from Dow Jones or that Rolex watch that graces your wrist. What’s that you say? “It’s starting to drool over my expensive suit. Someone take the kid back!” No way, buddy. You need to spend some time at this. The drool comes with the territory.

Look at its tiny fingers; feel the soft, perfect skin. Yeah, you’re a guy, but you’re a human being. Let yourself go soft and squishy for a moment. See how vulnerable this little dude is? Wow! The protector in you is calling from the depth of your belly. Mama and Papa Bear are one.

You feel for the moment almost godlike power—power mixed with weakness and vulnerability. You hold in your arms all that matters most in life (even more than the beemer in your garage).

You are transformed into the person who is both lover and loved, the kind of man you really want to be.

And the trust. Good Lord, we are so afraid to trust anyone anymore, but this little child trusts you. The baby trusts you, weak and flawed human being that you are. Suddenly, from deep within you comes the power that only trust and love can bring you. You will use your power to protect and defend the little dudes in the world. They trust you.

Now you can let the child in your arms go to someone else. What’s that you say? You want to cuddle it just a little longer? Yeah, I was hoping that would happen. Kids have a way of reaching you, don’t they? Way more than the latest “stuff” you accumulate. You go, dude. Love ya!

Hank Mattimore lives in Windsor.