The Guerneville Flood Project: Mary Cervantes

There’s something very poignant about this photo from the flood: a woman holding a picture of a young girl. We can only guess it’s her daughter.

But where is her daughter?The woman’s name is Mary Cervantes. She was briefly quoted in this Time magazine story about the 1986 flood, “We’ve Lost Everything.” The back of our archival photo says something about her possibly moving to Healdsburg.Other than that, we’re stumped. The wreckage in the background certainly implies that she had to pack up and move on, but where to? Does anyone know where Mary Cervantes, or the girl in the photo, is today?Let us know in the comments below.The Guerneville Flood Project is a week-long dive into the photo archives of the North Bay Bohemian. Read about the project here, and view more 1986 Guerneville Flood photos by clicking here.

Sonoma County Library