The Guerneville Flood Project: Helicopter Rescue in the River

Not only were helicopters the only way out of town during the flood, they were also the best way to rescue people from their rooftops, their hillside property and . . . from the middle of the Russian River?!This picture might not actually be as dramatic as it seems at first glance. A stray caption stuck to the inside of the file folder mentions helicopter-rescue training runs. In other words, the person bobbing along in the fast-moving water at the bottom might be a volunteer fireman instead of a resident in imminent danger.

Or is it? Does anyone remember helicopter rescue training during the flood? Or could this photo be a legitimate rescue?Let us know in the comments below.The Guerneville Flood Project is a week-long dive into the photo archives of the North Bay Bohemian. Read about the project here, and view more 1986 Guerneville Flood photos by clicking here.