Tex Wasabi Finishes 7th

Guy Fieri's team of ringers fails to repeat as Grand Champions

Tex Wasabi’s All-Star ringers did not repeat as Grand Champion of the Wine Country Big Q Kansas City Barbecue Society barbecue competition last weekend in Santa Rosa. They aren’t Reserve Champions, either. In fact, the team finished seventh overall, a respectable finish for some but not for the New York Yankees of BBQ.

This team had Ray Lampe, known as Dr. BBQ for his unmatched precision on the grill, and Gorilla of the famed Gorilla BBQ of Pacifica (I can personally attest to the amazingness of Gorilla). But the Bronx Bombers of BBQ fell to six teams, including favorites IAB 30 (who finished second overall) and champion R&R BBQ, who will go on to compete in the KCBS Royal Invitational, the World Series of BBQ.

Tex Wasabi finished third in ribs, but out of the four categories that was their highest placement. They finished in the middle of the pack in pork, one of the most important categories.

This could kick Guy Fieri into high gear and prompt him to don a chef’s coat for next year’s competition, even if it is way more fun to drink beer in a tank top instead of sweat over the heat of a grill. Pride is on the line!

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