Tales from the Tombs

Psst! Wanna hear a spooky story . . . in a mausoleum?

Ghosts get bored like anyone else. So it’s going to be a very special Halloween season this year when a troupe of local writers and actors join forces to tell original and classic mystery stories inside the 100-year-old mausoleum at Santa Rosa Memorial Park.

Titled “Mystery Writers in the Mausoleum,” the self-explanatory one-night-only literary presentation will be sure to entertain any souls still lingering inside the mausoleum—but those with a pulse and a taste for the mysterious are invited to attend the free event, too.

Illuminated by candlelight, the historic building will be filled with the spirited imaginations of the late Edgar Alan Poe and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, along with local (still living) writers such as Ana Manwaring, Ann Wilkes, Robbi Sommers Bryant, Paul Foley, Charles Markee, Jo Lauer, and Karen Pierce Gonzalez, reading their own stories of mystery, murder, demon slayers, haunted rooms and chupacabras. Actors John Moran and David Gonzalez add to the spooky atmosphere with
spine-tingling readings from Frankenstein and the entire short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” when “Mystery Writers in the Mausoleum” gets underway on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at Santa Rosa Memorial Park. 1900 Franklin Ave., Santa Rosa. 7pm. Free. 707.542.1580.

Sonoma County Library