Step Down, Efren

Supervisor Carrillo brings discredit to county, Latino community

The Sonoma Latino PAC believes that two arrests in the past 10 months, coupled with an abrupt and ill-conceived return to duty, show that Supervisor Efren Carrillo is not fit to serve as a county supervisor in the 5th District.

In addressing the county last Tuesday, Supervisor Carrillo attempted to deflect his arrests as a “personal” issue that has no bearing on his work. “Amidst this torrent of well-deserved and justified criticism directed toward me, I note that little of this criticism relates to the performance of my official duties,” Carrillo said.

We disagree. Being arrested while inebriated and dressed only in underwear and socks, while trying to initiate contact with a nonconsensual constituent in his neighborhood, violates
Section 10.3 A.(3) of Sonoma County’s Civil Service Code and qualifies as “conduct which brings discredit to the county.” Most county employees would be fired after egregious behavior such as this, and Supervisor Carrillo should at the very least be subject to the same standards as county employees, indeed if not a higher standard altogether.

Supervisor Carrillo’s history of poor decision-making now includes a hurried attempt to return to work with little notice or preparation. Does he believe that the serious crimes for which he was arrested can be forgotten after a hurried and contrived “rehab experience”? If so, his behavior is a disrespectful minimization of what must have been a terrifying experience for his victim.

We endorsed Supervisor Carrillo due to his self characterization as “a role model for the Latino Community.” His arrest is a significant blow to the community we represent. Thus, it is imperative that we as an organization send a message that we do not condone his actions.

We request that Mr. Carrillo resign his position immediately. We ask our brothers and sisters in the Hispanic/Latino community to also let the community know that Latinos do not condone the recent conduct that resulted in Supervisor Carrillo’s arrest. Supervisor Carrillo’s career is not more important than the best interests of our community and the safety and security of women and girls in their homes.

Efren Carrillo has a court date to discover what formal charges he faces on Friday, Aug. 30.

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