Sonoma County Election ’98 Guide

A Quick and Dirty Election Guide

OK, on the surface, the local elections look lackluster, the candidates often indistinguishable in their positions. But don’t be deceived. You have a chance to depose those SRJC Board of Trustees members who have helped foster a climate of hostility on campus and often exhibited utter contempt for staff and faculty. And several local communities, from Windsor to Petaluma, are facing a host of important growth-related issues. Of course, the proposed transit sales tax increases, Measures B and C, are getting all the attention, but those are only part of the story.

The following select endorsements represent state, county, and local candidates with strong environmental qualifications and a willingness to be responsive to the public (an especially desirable quality in the SRJC Board of Trustees and Windsor Fire Protection District races). Listed as well are the growth-curbing measures that will be needed to lead the region sanely through the initial stages of the proposed transit plan should Measures B and C pass.

U.S. Senate: Barbara Boxer

House of Representatives, 1st District: Mike Thompson

House of Representatives, 6th District: Lynn Woolsey

Governor: Gray Davis

State Senate, 2nd District: Wes Chesbro

State Assembly, 1st District: Virginia Strom-Martin

State Assembly, 6th District: Kerry Mazzoni

State Assembly, 7th District: Pat Wiggins

Board of Supervisors, 2nd District: Jane Hamilton

Cotati City Council: John Eder, Bob Jones

Healdsburg City Council: Kent Mitchell, Jason Liles

Petaluma Mayor: David Glass

Petaluma City Council: Matt Maguire, Mike Healy, Janice Cader-Thompson

Rohnert Park City Council: Paul Stutrud, Jim Reilly

Santa Rosa City Council:

Marsha Vas Dupre, Sue Carrell, Steve Rabinowitsh

Sebastopol City Council:

Bob Anderson, Andrea Ponticello, Larry Robinson

Sonoma City Council:

Larry Barnett, Ken Brown

Windsor City Council:

Lynn Morehouse, Sam Salmon, Bill Patterson

Windsor Fire Protection District:

Sean Cahill, Henry Lankford

Santa Rosa Junior College Board of Trustees: Richard Wasson, Mike Smith, Alan Sandy, Charles Collum

Measure B and C (County transit package and tax advisory): Yes

Measure D (Protects open space along Highway 101 south of Petaluma): Yes

Measure E (Cotati UGB): Yes

Measure I (Petaluma UGB): Yes

From the October 22-28, 1998 issue of the Sonoma County Independent.

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