So . . . This Happened

'Bohemian' post on Rebecca Black sees 75,000 views

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By Gabe Meline

It’s not everyday that one writes a simple blog post that eventually gets picked up by the Onion, New York Magazine, the Huffington Post, Gawker, the Daily What, Yahoo! and hundreds more sites around the world. But that’s just what happened to us here at the Bohemian this past week. We’re still in a daze.

“Who the Hell Made Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Video?” is at 75,000 views and counting on City Sound Inertia, the Bohemian‘s music blog. It broke the story on Ark Music Factory, a shady Los Angeles production group responsible for churning out formulaic teen-pop dreck like Rebecca Black’s now-viral “Friday” video, which is at 6.5 million views at press time.

Read it yourself and watch the video at

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