.Sept 8: Napa River Wine and Crafts Fair


The best of the best is out in force at the Napa River Wine and Crafts Fair. This festival showcases over 150 artists and their original handcrafted art and crafts—and it’s juried, so you know you’re not going to be looking at backyard scraps. Enjoy the aesthetic eye candy while strolling to the beat of live music, a classy glass of wine in hand and maybe some street food in the other to balance it out. Might want to watch your step, though; you’ll just be one of the expected 25,000 people there. Practice your weaving-through-a-crowd skills before coming out on Saturday, Sept. 8, on First and Main Street and Veteran’s Park, downtown Napa. 10am—6pm. Free. 925.372.8961.


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