Sept. 3: Skee-Lo at Last Day Saloon

Pop-rap can be a funny little cottage industry. In a subgenre defined by “Ice Ice Baby” and “U Can’t Touch This,” it’s also included surprisingly great material like “Bust a Move” and “Mama Said Knock You Out.” So while we ruminate on Jazzy Jeff, on House of Pain, on Tone Loc and Naughty by Nature, let us also tip a hat to the 1995 hit “I Wish,” by Skee-Lo, who soared up the charts by telling us that he wished he was a little bit taller and, furthermore, that he was a baller. Over 14 years later, the Los Angeles rapper, away from the game for the last nine years, opens for local Santa Rosa rap group At All Costs on a Thursday night. His upcoming album, Overdose, hopes to at least put him at top billing next time he comes around. Do the running man and wish along with him when he appears on Thursday, Sept. 3, at the Last Day Saloon. 120 Fifth St., Santa Rosa. 9:30pm. $10–$12. 707.545.2343.Gabe Meline

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