Required Halloween Viewing: Found Footage 3D

Looking for a frightfully good time this Halloween weekend? You can’t miss the North Bay premiere of the 2016 horror flick, “Found Footage 3D.” A new, exciting entry into the genre of found footage films a la “The Blair Witch Project,” this film is already winning many festival awards and garnering rave reviews, being called scary, funny and emotional.

“Found Footage 3D” tells the story of a group of filmmakers who set out to make the first ever 3D found footage horror movie, but instead find themselves in a found footage horror film when the evil entity from their movie escapes into their behind-the-scenes footage.

On Saturday, Oct 29, Hot 101.7 partners up with the Roxy Stadium 14’s Cult Film Series to screen the film just in time for Halloween. Hot 101.7 DJ and horror film fanatic Eloy will host the event. Be one of the first people to see the film and get in the scary spirit of the weekend. Click here to get tickets and click here to watch the trailer.

Sonoma County Library