Quad City DJs

I am not a feminazi. In fact, I’ve been dealt more male characteristics than female. But at what point did we females become content with being mere objects? When did we become content with our less-than-equal status in comparison to our male counterparts?

Maybe it occurred somewhere around the time that the idea of females as being inferior became background noise, a silent threat that crept in with pop culture.

Walking in the quad Monday at Sonoma State University, where I’m a senior, I found myself knocked on my ass by the DJ playing music from some less than talented rap artist (“artist” being used loosely) spewing lyrics along the lines of “bitch drop it low,” with the word “bitch” repeated more times than is necessary to write here. This event was put on by our Associated Students.

This noise could be heard in the computer lab in Salazar Hall, where I was working, and in Darwin Hall where I have class.

Now, I completely stand behind the First Amendment, as I believe everyone deserves an outlet to be heard, no matter what content they spew. But I don’t need to expose myself to it, especially when it’s objectifying the whole female population.

All this right here at SSU, a school that is almost 70 percent female. At a school that prides itself on becoming more accepting and diverse. At a school that’s had more than its fair share of on-campus rape and sexual assault.

When I emailed SSU president Ruben Arminaña, his response was nonchalant: “I do not have any role in the selection of the music or bands. You should take your concerns with Campus Presents in [Associated Students].”

Well, Mr. President, maybe you should make it a point to take some interest in the concerns of your students. I’m not out to rid the world of shitty, misogynistic music, but I’d simply enjoy the opportunity not to have it forced on me. If it’s not your problem, maybe you can use your $331,359 annual salary and make it your concern.

Lacie Schwarz is a student at Sonoma State University.

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