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As your dog’s agile body comes skidding across your hardwood floors, the clickity-clack of its overgrown nails become recognizable. Nails grow at a fast rate, and you, too, would be skidding around if it were not for your dexterous ability to file your own nails. Clipping your dog’s nails yourself is possible. But how do you pin down your pet (we’ll call him Fido here) for a manicure? First, fit him with a tight muzzle and find a helper to hold him. Holding entails placing Fido on his side, and then putting one arm in front of his back legs and firmly anchoring the other arm underneath his chin. Then, using nail clippers of appropriate size, discourage mass hemorrhage by shaving off small sheets of nail until you can see the pink nail bed. For the sake of your terrified pet and your clean carpet, don’t clip the nails too short (trying to catch Fido once he’s freed and decorating your carpet with bloody little half moons is maddening). You should cut only the transparent part of the nail past the foot pads so that you don’t hurt Fido by cutting into the “quick’–the portion that has nerves and blood vessels. Give Fido a pedicure every six weeks and you’ll will save a trip to the vet and protect your floors and lap. But if this home remedy sounds too daunting, sit up, roll over, and take heed. Help is at hand (and, er, at paw). Check out a few suggestions below and get your long-nailed mutt–or perhaps an unfortunately mangy, malodorous, matted one–in stunningly spiffy shape.

Sonoma County

The Dapper Dog 215 G St., Petaluma. 762-5918.

Dawg Groomer 609 E. Washington St., Petaluma. 763-2144.

Deb’s Pet Grooming 5979 Commerce Blvd., Rohnert Park. 588-8845.

Forty-Niner Pet 365 Southwest Blvd., Rohnert Park. 795-1242.

The Groomery 123 Stanford St., Santa Rosa, 576-1575.

The Grooming Gallery 847 Gravenstein Hwy., Sebastopol. 829-3535.

Healdsburg Dog Grooming 1460 Grove St., Healdsburg. 433-2559.

Kamp K-9 6915 Gravenstein Hwy., Cotati. 795-5995.

Little Friends Pet Hotel 7960 Gravenstein Hwy., Cotati. 795-6126.

Paws of Santa Rosa 4932 Sonoma Hwy., Santa Rosa. 538-7297.

Perfect Paws Pet Grooming 2468 W. Third St., Santa Rosa. 527-7297.

Pet Talk Grooming 6 Enterprise Drive., Rohnert Park. 585-3810.

Petaluma Pet Groomer 117 Washington St., Petaluma. 762-6281.

Piccadilly Pets 9237 Piccadilly Circle, Windsor. 837-9528.

Plaza Grooming 24 10th St., Santa Rosa. 544-1298.

Rincon Valley Pet Grooming 4988 1/2 Sonoma Hwy. 539-0937.

Scissorhands 6553 Front St., Forestville. 887-0190.

Shampoodle 587 Montecito Center, Santa Rosa. 539-1546.

The Soggy Doggy 403 Seventh St., Santa Rosa. 542-0244.

U Do It Self Service Pet Bathing 6 Enterprise Drive, Rohnert Park. 585-3810.

Napa County

Bubbles N Bows 585 Coombsville Road., Napa. 258-8022.

Dog World 1050 Pueblo Ave., Napa. 252-6206.

Pet Cuts 1119 Lincoln Ave., Napa. 258-1164.

The Red Dog Salon 3679 Silverado Trail N., St. Helena. 963-9358.

Reese’s Grooming 818 Jackson St., Napa. 224-6146.

Scoobi-Doo’s 2742 Jefferson St., Napa. 226-2727.

Tails of the City 2205 Main St., Napa. 254-7877.

Vintage Dog Palace 1128 Franklin St., Napa. 252-8180.

From the July 20-26, 2000 issue of the Sonoma County Independent.

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