Oxycontin image, Jan. 6

We have taken so many kind calls today re the Oxycontin image in the Jan. 6 paper.

Here’s the deal: Stephan R., the subject, was fine with having his name shown on his ID because a scan of that text is not (yet) Google-able. Our original caption reflected that. An hour before presstime, our copyeditor suggested that,  just to do our highest diligence, we alter the image to obscure his name entirely and that we change the caption. We did both things. However, and no one can quite figure this out, the image that went to press was the original. Stephan R. is not harmed by this and, while we feel like dolts, we do thank all who have contacted us about it! One young woman just suggested that if we needed to take all the papers back off the streets (30,000 and counting) we could act today, so that’s why she called. . . .

Sonoma County Library