.Open Mic: Sadness in His Madness

A Poem of Bearing Witness

By Paul E. Cheney

A beggar stands bored

Reaches for his pocket

Finds nothing restored

His cigarette hangs

As disgust plagues his ways

Remorse for him

A way of life

Slow death, without change

Paths to follow, or rearrange

I felt sorry, as often I do

When many a poor man

Enters my view

No other direction, nor inflection

Of an exit, for a prosper

Richer sight ahead

Many wishing, and knowing

They were better off dead

He shakes come morning

Worries without warning

Begs at passersby

Wonders not at questions why

Drinks ’til sunset

Considering tomorrow’s upset

Another day for the beggar man

Chalk one off for you and I

We can be there

Like him



On a whim

Paul E. Cheney lives in Petaluma.


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