Oct. 14: Buju Banton at the Casbar

When he was 15, Buju Banton recorded a song, “Boom Bye Bye,” which advocated killing gay men with an uzi and burning them. It has dogged him ever since, but perhaps never so much as in the year 2009, when a sudden uprising from gay rights groups over the song—and Banton’s involvement in a Kingston beating—has caused over 15 of his current tour dates to be canceled by promoters Live Nation and AEG and rescheduled elsewhere. There appears to be little to no local protest about his show in Santa Rosa, a last-minute rescheduling for a cancellation in Los Angeles, because maybe we don’t know about it or maybe we don’t care. Nonetheless, Banton performs on Wednesday, Oct. 14, at the Casbar. 3345 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa. 8pm. $25. 707.568.1011.Gabe Meline

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