November 19: Don Carlos at Last Day Saloon

It’s harvest season, which means you’ve got at least one friend who’s picking up extra work trimming buds in a secret warehouse a few days a week. Even though it sounds like great fun, this is not work for the impatient, and it takes a detailed kind of skill. This harvest season, we salute the many men and women trimming weed, especially when reggae singer Don Carlos has a skewed conception of the work. In the eyes of the former singer of Black Uhuru, it is not your bro Danny manicuring the killer ganj, but Jah himself. “Jah shall clean out the bad weeds and separate them from the good,” Carlos sings on “Harvest Time,” “’cause the day of harvest is near.” It is hard to argue with Jah, but should Danny care to defend himself, he can raise the issue when Carlos performs on Friday, Nov. 19, at the Last Day Saloon. 120 Fifth St., Santa Rosa. 9pm. $17–$20. 707.545.5876.

Sonoma County Library