.No Relief

Today (March 29) is the third day since Congress passed a Covid-19 relief bill that is supposed to actually help everyday people. The first two relief bills demonstrated that people like you and me are not Congress’ No. 1 priority. A huge corporate bailout and a one-time payment of $1200—not enough to pay the rent for most people—shows how out-of-touch Congress is.

The rent is due in two days, and I have yet to hear any elected official tell America just when we’ll see this stimulus money. And while evictions and foreclosures have been frozen, rent and mortgage payments have not.

So where is the outrage from our federal officials? Who is speaking up for YOU? Who is demanding to know when their constituents will see a check or standing up and saying “This just isn’t enough”? Why do we keep electing the same hacks? Where is our representation? America can do better than it is doing and Americans can do better than 99 percent of our current elected officials.

Jason Kishineff

American Canyon

Other Options

Amazon’s top legal executive suggested the company’s senior leaders fend of workplace safety criticism by turning the focus onto an activist warehouse worker it had fired just days earlier, according to leaked notes from a meeting with top executives.

Amazon General Counsel David Zapolsky proposed a strategy with CEO Jeff Bezos in attendance, and Amazon Senior Vice President of Operations Dave Clark and Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs Jay Carney executed it.

Bezos won’t quit, but he has the authority and obligation to FIRE Clark, Carney and Zapolsky.

There are other options for Amazon; they just require a few more clicks of the mouse.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa


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