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Am I Blue!

Recently inspired by one of Obama’s speeches? Ready to shake the dust off of stale American dreams and facilitate a movement toward new progressive politics? Friend, you are in luck. Two Democratic Party headquarters open this week in the North Bay, providing festivities and a small slice of the fun the rest of them are having in Denver.

“The Obama campaign has produced a great deal of enthusiasm in the county,” says Stephen Gale, chair of the Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee, whose new Santa Rosa digs open Aug. 31. “This provides an opportunity for people to meet some of the delegates as they’re coming back from the convention and share in the excitement.”

A surge of Hispanic voters and those in the 18 to 20 age group is bringing fresh minds and voices into the action. “We’re eager to see these new voters join us and allow them to see and hear people who have similar values,” Gale says. His message for young voters is that “they can make a difference. In this election they will make a difference. We hope this is the start for young voters to be involved for the rest of their lives in politics.”

Nowhere near Santa Rosa? Fear not. Just three days before, on Aug. 28, the Democrats of Napa Valley headquarters celebrate the reopening of their headquarters, with music from DJ Rotten Robbie, food and wine. Both openings are free to the public.

“Here is a message of hope, and a hope that there will be a change in America,” says Gale.

“A lot of people after the Vietnam War have really dropped out of politics. We’re hoping that this message of hope will last long after the election of Barack Obama and be a start of a new century.”

The 2008 Campaign Headquarters in Santa Rosa is located at 701 Second St. The grand opening party, featuring free refreshments and speeches by Lynn Woolsey, Pat Wiggins and Mark Leno, among others, is slated for Sunday, Aug. 31, from 2pm to 4pm. Free. 707.575.3029.

The Democrats of Napa Valley Headquarters host a grand reopening on Thursday, Aug. 28, from 5pm. 1015 Coombs Plaza, Napa. Free. 707.257.1208.

And there to serve you, even if “serving” doesn’t mean free food and parties, the Marin Democrats office is located at 1344 Fourth St., San Rafael. Current hours are limited; call ahead at 415.455.5400 or visit [ http:-/ ]