Morally Incompetent

You finally see the truth, and it hits you like a truck.

Too late to count your blessings, too late to pass the buck.

You sit in your heartless graveyard, built for our demise.

As facts rip holes in your lies, you holler back denies.

You talk of truth and justice, a great future for our people?

With righteous indignation, you hide beneath the steeple.

The evidence is crystal clear, like the writing on the wall.

Now it’s in your hands, as your civic duties call.

What’s your message you want all Americans to hear?

Trump’s a straight-up honest guy, and Lindsey Graham’s not queer.

Truth remains constant and will eat you from inside.

My country deserves better than to be on Putin’s ride.

Happy Holidays, and a prayer for the coming year.

Please honor the future and folks you hold dear.

Gonna be struggles as we push along our trail.

If we can follow a moral code, love will never fail.

History will surely paint you in the most abhorrent light.

Residing in your conscience when you pray and sleep at night.

You took an oath for the people you represent.

When you fail to serve them, you’re morally incompetent.

Gary Knowlton lives in Sebastopol and continues to host musical sessions from time to time at Gatmo Studio. We welcome your contribution. To have your topical essay of 350 words considered for publication, write [email protected].

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