May 3: David Sedaris at the Wells Fargo Center


At this point, in the year 2013, everyone knows the deal on David Sedaris—so much so that his new book Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls (the most David Sedaris-y David Sedaris title in the history of David Sedaris titles) is subtitled “Essays, Etc.” In it, the celebrated NPR contributor and chronicler of his own little life, etc., writes about his unsupportive father, etc., his new job picking up trash on the side of the road, etc., nasty thoughts he writes daily in his journal, etc., drinking, etc., and, yes, owls, etc. With all this et cetera flying around, how can a diehard This American Life fan possibly experience it best? With an in-person appearance, naturally, in the company of similarly obsessed Sedaris fans. David Sedaris charms the pants on Friday, May 3, at the Wells Fargo Center. 50 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa. 8pm. $45—$65. 707.546.3600.