May 22: Body or Brain at the Phoenix Theater

Not content to stay within their viticultural environs after last week’s cover story, the Napa trio Body or Brain bring their high-kicking, energetic indie pop over the hill for Sonoma County to see what all the Napa fuss is about. They bring along with them Serf and James, a falsetto-driven group strong on acoustic jangle and funky backbeat, which proves that Napa isn’t all distortion and noise. Of note also is Jonny Andrew, a 19-year-old songwriter who performs his romantic reassurances under the name hellotherelittleone. “Woot! Liz and Me are Space Pirates” is the name of one of his songs, and he already has one of the best EP cover shots of the year. With Decent Criminal and Go Time, check out a slew of new bands on Friday, May 22, at the Phoenix Theater. 201 E. Washington St., Petaluma. 8pm. $8. 707.762.3565.Gabe Meline

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