.Making Plans

Very interesting (“A Man, a Van, a Plan” Features, March 11). I have often thought of adopting a life on the go in some kind of RV or converted bus or vehicle, but haven’t had the nerve to do it.

Having to do so because I’d be obligated to is altogether another story and reality I haven’t had to face yet (knock on wood).

Alejandro Moreno S.
Via bohemian.com

More Questions

Very good point (“A Man, a Van, a Plan” Features, March 11); the lack of input from the homeless, including on the policies that affect them!

Some questions you might ask, please:

How are they coping with the virus lockdowns? Do they manage to vote in elections or contact elected officials? What is the best & worst thing about this way of life?

Good work, this project—looking forward to reading more about it.

Leslie Ronald
Via bohemian.com

Public Relations

“Warts and all”??? (“Goldilocks” Film, March 18). It’s a slick PR move by the Clintonistas to rehab the image of what’s become a lost soul.

I supported her twice, but the warts (trashing other women, being a doormat for Bill, Walmart Board, influence peddling) aren’t really covered in this unneeded opus.

Peter J Logan
San Francisco


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