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Mill Valley has a mayor who just doesn’t get it. This was crystal-clear at the gathering in the town plaza on June 4, when Sashi McEntee once again tried to hide behind a technicality to excuse her stunningly dismissive assertion that showing that Black Lives Matter is “of no immediate local importance.” Yes, that’s out of context; and no, there is no context that makes it acceptable.

Whether or not McEntee remains in office, we in the local community need to look long and hard at ourselves. How did someone with such a narrow view of her responsibility as a leader, and such an apparent inability to hear community voices, get elected in the first place? A number of people have said on social media that they know and like McEntee—great, but that’s changing the subject. She was elected to serve, not as a friend, but in public office. We need to pay attention to local elections, and we need to elect leaders who want to grapple with the issue of police discrimination and violence against Black people—which is of great daily relevance in Mill Valley, and to every single one of us. 

Anne-Marie Harvey

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Mill Valley

Public View

It’s so unbelievable that they would treat people in this manner (“Masks Off,” June 6)! The Santa Rosa PD members should all read this article so they can see how they are portrayed to the public—as people who think that the people they arrest are not worthy of their basic respect. The behavior reported here is abhorrent!

Amity Hitchkiss

Santa  Rosa


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