Letters to the Editor: September 19, 2018

In which we are accused of spreading conspiracy theories by a variety of 'Banana'

Byrne at Stake

What is the point of this article (“One-Stop Shop,” Sept. 12)? Peter Bryne, are you suggesting that one of the most well-qualified homebuilders in Sonoma County, which has also established a successful local bank, should not contribute its expertise and experience to rebuilding our community? If the loan terms at Poppy Bank are inline with those offered at other banks, what is the beef? Kudos to Gallaher Homes and Poppy Bank for stepping up to help rebuild our community. Shame on Peter Byrne and the Bohemian for badmouthing their efforts and spreading conspiracy theories. Maybe you should interview some of the Coffey Park homeowners who are rebuilding with Gallaher Homes.

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Feel the Byrne

Scathing, well-done article illuminating possible corruption between builders and banks. Where there is money to be made, business will bend rules to meet their purposes: more money. I’d like to hear from Gallaher Homes and Poppy Bank. How did the arrangement come to be? Where is the transparency? Where are other working agreements with other banks? Why is there only disclosure of the relationship at the time of escrow? And so many more questions. Kudos to Peter Byrne and the Bohemian for this clear piece of reporting.

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Burning Issues

Millions of energetic and inspired people from all over the world have begun demonstrating and protesting for the end to global warming and the pollution of our planet. These are spontaneous and totally authentic protests by intelligent, well-informed and dedicated people, and represent the will of the whole human race to end the destruction of our beautiful planet from the reckless and irresponsible use of fossil fuels.

There can no longer be any excuse for those who continue to deny the reality of global warming and its causes. The increasing rise of the world’s temperatures, the frightening outbreaks of devastating wildfires all over the world and the increasing force and outbreaks of hurricanes all make it crystal clear that ending global warming is an absolute necessity for humanity to survive.

Although the world shouldn’t have waited this long to begin this fight for our continued existence, it is a pure joy to see the human race finally waking up and saying yes to life, yes to ourselves and yes to our beautiful home, this Earth!


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