Letters to the Editor: September 12, 2018

'As a kid, I always loved 'Deliverance''

Going On

I find it interesting that, after Rex Allen (Letters, Sept. 5) dispelled the Francis Drake Strawberry Cove theory, the editor inserts the note, “Drake’s party did contact native Miwok Indians during their stay.”

The Sir Francis Drake Association of California and Oregon has judged that Drake’s safe harbor is Nehalem Bay in Oregon. Archeological evidence provided by Oregon state identifies the 1599/1600 Edward Wright World Chart and Wright’s 1599 Certaine Errors in Navigation as primary evidence. The Wright chart carries Queen Elizabeth’s privy seal. It is the only map of her reign to carry her seal, and the chart displays Drake’s Nova Albion land claim well above any other theorized California site. And of no less importance, Wright’s Certaine Errors identifies Drake’s Symbolic Sovereign Act land claim in his chapter charting land never before discovered. Couple this with the unequaled level of ethnographic research in my book, Francis Drake in Nehalem Bay 1579, Setting the Historical Record Straight (2011), the facts are as sound as the Rock of Gibraltar. Need I go on?

President of the Sir Francis Drake Association of California and Oregon

Flower Power

Cannabis is a 10,000-year-old healing plant of love (“Hammer Time,” Sept. 5). O’Shaughnessy’s, published out of Sacramento, is a journal intended for bio researchers and oncologists. It is loaded with reports on experiments establishing cannabis as a valuable cancer remedy when synthetic chemical compounds fail. There are more than two-dozen pathologies that are proven to be effective and safe for proper application of cannabis products. The best CBD products are 4/5 CBD and 1/5 THC. People do not get stoned on this combination, they get well.


On the Nose

An open message to Giuliani regarding Putin’s relationship with Trump: Rudolph, the Red knows reign, dear!

Monte Rio

So Long, Bandit

Burt Reynolds was one of my favorite stars. As a kid, I absolutely loved Deliverance, All Dogs Go to Heaven and Cannonball Run more than the go-to favorite Smokey and the Bandit (also a good movie, btw). His effortless charm, rugged good looks, fast cars and heart-pumping action films, plus the lovely ladies he appeared with on and off screen, will always be well remembered. He was one of the actors I and a lot of other guys wanted to emulate, truly a man’s man. His easygoing, fun personality shined through in interviews, and he seemed to never lose his wonderful sense of humor. Goodbye, Burt. We will always love you.

Via Bohemian.com

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