Letters to the Editor: October 25, 2016

Blessed, smart, tough, fresh, energetic, beautiful, flexible, diverse, creative, authentic, reasonable, diverse and well done

Good Witches

Thank you for the “witches next door” article (“Into Darkness,” Oct. 19). It was very well done, and my compliments on the photography and use of photos. Totally great work. Blessed be.

San Geronimo

Join Me

Lynda Hopkins is a fresh, authentic, independent voice running for 5th District supervisor. She is smart, tough and loves the West County. What a natural! She’s energetic and creative with a passion for government transparency.

A delight at town-hall meetings, Lynda Hopkins listens to everyone, takes new ideas gracefully into consideration, is flexible, reasonable, open and direct. Her background in land use and environmental studies is a perfect fit for the 5th District. She will protect our coast; assure free access to our beaches; maintain our rivers, parks and roads; and enhance our schools, libraries and social services. She’s got what we need and are looking for!

Join me in voting for Lynda Hopkins for supervisor.


Keep ’em Separated

Community separators were created by a ballot measure 20 years ago to protect specific areas of farmland and open space between and around Sonoma County’s towns and cities, in order to create greenbelts around the towns. The ballot measure was approved by over 70 percent of the voters. Measure K, the Community Separator Protection Ordinance, will, if approved by the voters this fall, protect 53,576 acres of rural land from urban sprawl. Not only will this help maintain the unique identity and distinct character of each city or town, it will also help protect agricultural land, open space, watersheds, groundwater-recharge areas, wildlife habitat and corridors.
And by protecting our air, water and
soil, community separators help to provide a better quality of life for all Sonoma County inhabitants. For
further information on Measure K, visit www.keepcommunityseparators.com.

Urban growth boundaries (UGBs), passed by individual cities, and community separators, throughout the county, are complementary. The UGBs are expiring and will be renewed on different timelines by each city. Cotati voters will be voting on Measure Q this fall, to renew their existing urban growth boundary for another 30 years. For information on Measure Q, see

As a 20-year resident of Cotati, I love our small town, and also the beautiful, diverse ecosystems of Sonoma County, from oak woodlands and redwoods to meadows and wetlands, and enjoy the wide variety of foods available from local farms.

Vote Yes on K! If you vote in Cotati, Vote Yes on Q, too!


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