Letters to the Editor: October 21, 2015

Thanks for the piñata

Smash Hit

Thank you so much for giving me the idea of making a Donald Trump piñata and for furnishing the photo with which to make it (“Trump Up The Volume,” Oct. 7). It’s already been a very cathartic experience. And now for that stick…!

Glen Ellen

Actually, you should be touting piñatas for Hillary and Bernie: They’re the ones giving away “candy and goodies”—billions and billions of taxpayer dollars for ever more entitlements, which will raise the cap on “our” debt by trillions.

Lily Zahrt
(not a Republican)

Marin County


What a shock it is that District Attorney Jill Ravitch took a pass (“Legal Lockdown,” Oct. 14). I’m sure ever since she faked her investigation of Eric Gelhaus, she will double down from now on. Those local defense attorneys must have been pretty sure these allegations had meat on ’em to get attorney Izaak Schwaiger involved. I bet if the attorneys with huevos in the area did a little digging, they’d find a can of worms at that jail.

Via Bohemian.com

Waves Not Wine

Our coastal hills need stronger protections from the permitting of industrial enterprises such as wineries on roads too small, water too scarce and the environment too fragile to accommodate more development. Emergency services cannot deal with the tourism as it is on the coast so rezoning and allowing more wineries on our scenic coastal hills is a big mistake.

Supervisor Efren Carrillo wrote recently in defense of the Local Coastal Program, that there are only 3 acres planted in grapes on the coast and no wineries, yet the advertising at the Sonoma County Airport claims there are 500 acres on the coast already and wineries from where you can see the ocean. Whom is he trying to fool (or whom is he working for?) with this mumbo-jumbo? I say expand the protections for our precious Sonoma County Coast and don’t allow any more wineries to take root on hillsides where they don’t belong. It’s time we separate alcohol producing viticulture from food producing agriculture. We need a Neil Young song about this stuff.