.Letters to the Editor: October 17, 2018

'Are you the reason I couldn't get my tri-tip extra-spicy sandwich?'

Graton Work

Excellent, shocking and depressing article by Peter Byrne on Darius Anderson, Douglas Boxer and the Graton Rancheria casino (“Graton Expectations,” Oct. 10). Good work reporting this! It will be interesting to see how the other media outlets handle it.

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I hope readers are paying attention to all of this—this con man starts Rebuild NorthBay, and then turns around and lobbies for PG&E (“Power Politics, April 24), helping grease the way for PG&E to pass its liabilities on to the ratepayers (many of whom are victims of PG&E’s negligence). Meanwhile, the city council votes to extend post-fire emergency status so Rebuild can continue giving no-bid contracts to its buddies to do work which should be at least partially opened up to local unions and contractors.

All of this just sickens me. We stand by and watch as they make shady deals and get rich off tragedies that happen to real hard-working citizens. We read more every day about their planning of our future, and all this stuff is conveniently arranged by the time we hear about it. I’m saddened at the complacency and heads in the sand; however, I am really impressed at so many articles in the Bohemian exposing these criminals.

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Thanks to Peter Byrne for his excellent investigative story. It featured some of my favorite good guys and bad guys—the Graton tribe and the Bosco boys, respectively. In these times, it is rare to see the good guys win and the bad guys lose. I enjoyed every word.


From a 2012 Press Democrat story on the sale of the PD to Darius Anderson’s group, quoting Darius Anderson:

“‘All the partners agree that the journalistic independence of the publications is paramount,'” [Press Democrat CEO Steve] Falk said, vowing to act as a ‘firewall’ against undue influence.

“‘I will protect that at all costs,’ Falk said.

“Anderson, who has seen his share of negative press coverage, stressed that he welcomed hard-hitting investigative and watchdog journalism, even if it raised questions about his businesses and interests.

“‘None of us are going to get in your way because if we do, it dilutes the value of our investment,’ Anderson said.”

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Buster Fluster

“Support your local supporters!” I first saw this bumper sticker about six months ago, and a better call to arms I can’t think of. But what happens when your local official stops supporting your local supporters?

I read your “Buster’s Busted” article in the Oct. 3 issue of the Bohemian and had to write this letter. I want to know who made Buster’s shut down? Which city official? I eat at Buster’s all the time. I live in St. Helena and pass by Buster’s once a week at least. Are you the reason I couldn’t get my tri-tip extra spicy sandwich because some little part of Buster’s limited eating space wasn’t up to code?


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