Letters to the Editor: November 3, 2015


I have no idea where you got your facts (“Into the Breach,” Oct. 28), but being a community member for my whole 31 year of life and being a graduate from Calistoga High School, I worked my ass off helping the community for the whole week these evacuees had nothing. I had them shower at my house and do laundry. I volunteered on top of my 60-hour work week. I was there the first night of the tragedy and was up until 4am guiding traffic and assisting. Yes, the first night Red Cross was there. But let me tell you, the next morning it was the community that took over, not Red Cross or CVNL. This is appalling to read and you need to get the facts straight before you publish. Shame on you.

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The nonprofits mentioned in this story were not the only ones who helped during the Valley Fire. It’s clear local volunteers like you played a critical role, as indicated in this sentence: “Within hours of the outbreak of the fire, local volunteers stepped up to help.” This was a story about the role nonprofits played in the fire, and I don’t believe it takes away from your efforts.—The Editor

Thank you for the article on the efforts by nonprofits during the Valley Fire. However, your article left out the community of Calistoga and how we came together to aid our neighbors. Please check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/VFVCALISTOGA.

Yes, CVNL came to assist, but our group was already in place. It’s not fair for them to take all the credit. Seven staff members from CVNL were there. Valley Fire voluteers had 200 people on a daily basis. We got organized because there was a need. We almost got closed by the Red Cross, and I fought to stay open. We saw rain coming, and we put up huge tents to cover donations.

Last Sunday, we distributed about a hundred pairs of new shoes to youth and kids affected by the fire. We have hundreds left and we’re going back.



The Bohemian ran a story suggesting that Donald Trump’s opposition to illegal immigration was based on hate (“Trump Up the Volume,” Oct, 7). Trump does not oppose legal immigration. There have also been cartoons suggesting that all opposition to immigration arises from hate. Hate is irrelevant. Opposition to immigration arises from self-interest and resentment of the inequity of newcomers taking advantage of the educational, transportation, parks, welfare state, water systems and other infrastructure without having first paid for building them. Those societal benefits were bought and paid for by taxes paid by existing citizens and their ancestors.

Opposition to immigration arises from self-interest. Immigration accounts for almost all population growth in California. There is a housing shortage, a water shortage, a shortage of transportation facilities, a shortage of open space, a shortage of admissions at the University of California and even a shortage of clean air. Immigration makes all of these problems worse. It is disingenuous to say that opposition to immigration arises from hate or any other emotion. It is entirely rational.

Rohnert Park

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