Letters to the Editor: November 29, 2017

'Educate yourself, please. I mean that in the most gentle way.

Do the Research

Peter White of Santa Rosa, thank you for sharing your opinion on cannabis tourism (Letters, Nov. 22). It is only with open and respectful dialogue that we create the space to educate each other of our viewpoints, and hopefully find understanding and tolerance. A few historical facts for you:

From 1850 to 1937, cannabis was widely used in American medical practice for a range of ailments. From 1851 to 1942, cannabis was documented and recognized as a medicine in the United States Pharmacopeia medical journal.

Harvard professor Dr. Lester Grinspoon states that “marijuana is one of the least toxic substances in the whole pharmacopeia.” He also explains that “if marijuana were a new discovery rather than a well-known substance carrying cultural and political baggage, it would be hailed as a wonder drug.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, said in August 2013 that cannabis “doesn’t have a high potential for abuse, and there are very legitimate medical applications. In fact, sometimes marijuana is the only thing that works.”

Like pineapples in Hawaii or coffee in Colombia, cannabis is a crop that is embedded in our history and culture here in the North Bay. Dan Offield, a 20-year veteran of the DEA stated in 2010 that this region is “ground zero for marijuana. Nobody produces better marijuana than we do right here.”

Cannabis has been inaccurately stigmatized, Peter. I challenge you to research your endocannabinoid system. I challenge you to set aside your “God would tell you how evil pot is” narrative and consider the science, facts, biology and history of cannabis. In regard to cannabis tourism, in these early stages, our mission is to provide a safe space to learn about the cannabis plant, from health and wellness to celebrating our Northern California culture and cannabis heritage.


It’s really shameful that you spread this ignorance regarding cannabis use. It helps children with seizures that Big Pharma is obviously duping you not to believe. It absolutely does not in any way cause death. You cannot OD on it. Alcohol does kill. Alcohol is a huge health epidemic, and does cause death and deterioration of bodily organs. It’s legal and dangerous. Check your facts on automobile fatalities and cannabis vs. alcohol and prescription medications!

Did you know that CBD oil, made from cannabis, fights cancer? Research has proven that. Google “Rick Simpson full cannabis extract oil.” It’s ingested, not smoked, and is effective for many medical and mental-health purposes.

Please stop spreading misnomers about a plant (from God) that is capable of aiding in many illnesses, too many to list. It’s also a valuable crop to save the environment of our dear Earth. Chemical manufacturers don’t want you to know that. Comparing cannabis to heroin and meth? Absurd. Educate yourself, please. I mean that in the most gentle way.

Rio Nido

Department of Corrections

In “Top (Secret) Chef” (Nov. 22), the price of State Bird Seed was misstated. It’s $4.99 a bag. The author is eating crow.

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