Letters to the Editor: November 21, 2018

What Is My Problem?

Well, I could not have said it better than Russ Young did (Letters, Nov. 14). I live in Novato, and I drive a lot up to Petaluma and over to Sonoma each week, and I make every effort to obey the speed limits and rules of the road. However, what this seems to do is aggravate many of the other drivers out there. I seem to be always dealing with tailgaters, and they always look at me as they pass on the right like, “What is your problem, stupid?” I guess I am, but it has become a real problem for me. Where is the California Highway Patrol these days? Think of the money it would bring in for them! I don’t have a good suggestion as to how to monitor this problem and survive, and I’m not sure if Russ’ idea is the answer. Anyone got a good thought?


Privileged Drivers

Let us hope that Mr. Russ Young’s skillfully presented overview of the nightmares of driving in the modern day was not overlooked. My claim is that the worst drivers in America are from California; the worst drivers in California are from the Bay Area; and the worst drivers in the Bay Area are from Marin.

I work retail and observe acts of driving stupidity every day in the parking lot of our shopping center, as well as out on the East San Rafael Speedway—also known as Third Street. It is apparent that, among the privileged, the privilege of driving well and with consideration is taken strictly for granted.


The Fire
Next Time

Weeks after the anniversary of our own tragic fire, California is in flames again, while rebuilding in Fountaingrove continues at a record pace. We’ve had a year to find those responsible for that fire, name names, hold them accountable and make changes to prevent a recurrence. None of that has happened.

The Fountaingrove area burned twice before last year’s disaster. It’s a well-known tinder box, placed off limits in the general plan. Somehow, assorted supervisors, council members, mayors and other politicians ignored the rules. Knowing the history and the risks, they still allowed those multimillion dollar mansions to be built. Complicit were developers, real estate agents and insurers who got rich off that development. Did they make full disclosure to the future victims that the area would burn again?

PG&E shares the blame, but we still need to ask, how did this happen, who signed off on it, and why? Why are the same types of homes being rebuilt using the same materials? Why are no regulations in place to minimize the damage from future fires? These are questions I’ve yet to see any public official or journalist raise. And I think I know why. There’s a lot of vested interest in that real estate, and a number of the elites who allowed those neighborhoods to be built now live there themselves. But not having the answers to these questions puts all of us at risk. Because next time, it may not stop there. Just ask the folks in Coffey Park.


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