Letters to the Editor: November 2, 2016

Bravo, David

As a produced, award-winning playwright, I have written to the Bohemian several times to three of its editors over the years with basically the same high praise for its theater reviewer David Templeton. How lucky we (and you) are to have him as our one and only theater critic of note in all of Sonoma County. There was a time when the Press Democrat’s Dan Taylor did yeoman service giving us his take on local theater, but then we found ourselves in the depths of the long recession. Theater reviews hit the skids at the PD, and even though the economy has bounced back, Taylor’s reviews have not.

So thank you once again to the Bohemian and a standing ovation to David Templeton for his welcome reviews and for his excellent article on nonprofit theater. We’d be lost without you.


The Real Deal

Lynda Hopkins will bring a new perspective and energy to county government. She holds a college and master’s degree with studies in communications and land-use planning. Her experiences as a journalist, organization leader and small farmer have put her in touch with local issues. And if you have a chance to meet her, you’ll be impressed with her sincere interest in bringing people together to address the issues that affect our community.

She is clear-thinking and understands the responsibilities of government. Most importantly, she really does care about the lives and aspirations of our fellow neighbors and about the protection of our natural resources.

While the baby boomer generation tends to get trapped in the ideological divide between “us and them,” Lynda speaks for a new generation of leadership that is willing to take on the tough decisions with open-minded practicality and a vision of working together. Lynda is the real deal

Monte Rio

Big-Time Money

Follow the money. Lynda Hopkins’ lackeys/handlers have been inundating my mailbox with hit piece after hit piece against Noreen Evans. We have Eric “Never met a trough I couldn’t insert my snout in” Koenigshofer, minion for big wine bucks and development, leading the effort for said big wine and development to insert their toady, Lynda Hopkins, as an advocate for their interests. Mr. Koenigshofer, as everyone recalls, left his job as a Sonoma County supervisor with impeccable environmental credentials. Since then, he has lobbied for Sonoma County Waste Management and was chief lobbyist for the Preservation Ranch debacle. So much for environmental cred. We’ve got big time outside Sonoma County money pouring in to defeat Evans. Why? You might well ask.


Dept. of Corrections

Due to an editing error in “Tending the Fire” (Open Mic, Oct. 26), the site where Andy Lopez was killed was misidentified. It was in Moorland, not Roseland. The Bohemian regrets the error.

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