Letters to the Editor: March 28, 2017

Taking Aim
at the NRA

Hats off to the Florida high school students for taking the lead for a sane gun policy in America. To keep things moving forward, let me be the first to suggest the National Rifle Association be considered a domestic terrorist organization, and dealt with as such. The NRA has successfully defeated every attempt at banning the assault weapons that are now killing scores of innocent Americans on a regular basis. They own the president and a majority of Congress. We’re learning the NRA is now international in scope, having moved money from Russia to our last election for the purpose of electing a man who is creating domestic havoc. They have no suggestions on ending the mass murders other than “more guns.” Really?

There is absolutely no reason for a sane, law-abiding member of our society to own what is essentially a machine gun. The NRA has ensured that every misfit who wants a mass murder weapon has ready access to one.

Yes, I know, the Constitution grants the right to “bear arms,” but we impose reasonable limits. Citizens are not free to own bombs or rocket launchers, so why automatic weapons? To our neighbors who may be NRA members, please take some time to consider what your gun club has become. It’s no longer about the best deer rifle or teaching junior how to plink cans with grandpa’s .22; it’s about enabling mass murderers. Maybe it’s time for high school students to run the show.


Special Treatment

This is an open letter to the Santa Rosa City Council. Speaking in favor of including parts of downtown in multiple districts in its new plan, Mayor Chris Coursey said, “It’s not a gift to the business community. It’s a recognition that this is the most vital part of the city.”

It left me wondering if Mayor Coursey actually understands the concept of democracy. Democracy is one person, one vote, and everyone registered to vote in Santa Rosa is free to vote for the candidate most likely to represent their economic interests, if they so desire. But businesses and their owners are no more important in a democracy than all those individuals who are not part of the downtown business community.

Districts are required because the wealthier and more business-connected individuals in Santa Rosa have had too much representation for far too long. This gerrymandering of the districts seems an intentional subversion of the remedy that districting is supposed to try to alleviate. Citizens may decide to vote for downtown interests, or not. That is their right. It is not your right to make that decision for them in advance.

Santa Rosa

Dept. of Corrections

Last week’s Best Of issue omitted Zialena Winery, winner of Sonoma County’s “Best Emerging Winery.” And Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater, winner of “Best Peforming Arts Center,” was misidentified. The Bohemian regrets the errors.

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