Letters to the Editor: March 21, 2018

Our favorite letter: 'When does the Best Of 2018 issue publish?'

Angry White Men Are Angry

I was amused to see the Bohemian doesn’t conform to the narrow confines of political correctness. In the piece on Jared Huffman (“Travels wth Jared,” March 7), Tom Gogola spews a little racist hate speech with the rant “clutched and angry fists of angry, armed white men.”

Santa Rosa

Odd Logic

In Tom Gogola’s article about the Yountville shooting (“And Now Yountville,” March 14), he reported that Mike Thompson doesn’t support a ban on assault weapons because there are already so many in circulation. That seems like odd logic to me. If someone who doesn’t have one buys an AR-15 in five months and then shoots up a school, what will he say?

Santa Rosa

Russia with Love

I believe in giving credit to the Russians, in spite of themselves. They were the first to put a dog into outer space and they were also the first to put a monkey in the White House.


Kudos and Corks

Thanks to James Knight’s article (“Bark Arc,” Jan. 24), our boxful of wine corks will now find a new home. This would be a good time to let your readers know that Whole Foods also accepts used batteries as well. We’ve been bringing them there for years, and we appreciate the company’s contribution to the health of our planet.


End the Lies

This week kicks off the national End the Lies Week of Action, raising awareness of the deceptive practices of fake women’s health clinics. I haven’t yet seen this covered in the Bohemian, but I hope it will be. Fake women’s health clinics offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, targeting low-income pregnant folks. Once inside, these unregulated and often unlicensed centers tell people lies that abortion causes cancer and PTSD. The centers knowingly delay access to care.The Supreme Court will now decide if California’s Reproductive FACT Act is legal. The law requires these centers to post a notice listing the free reproductive healthcare options available. The centers have sued to stop this basic regulation. I hope the Bohemian will cover this story, as this kind of deception is an often invisible harm perpetrated against pregnant folks.

Santa Rosa

It’s on Your Screen

When does the Best Of 2018 issue publish?


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