Letters to the Editor: July 5, 2017

Dumb! Boondoggle! Seriously shameful!

SMART and Dumb

Some things you have to see to believe. For starters, that includes the so-called SMART train at a cost of over half of a billion dollars and projected to run at a deficit. That’s really a “smart” use of tax dollars. Now consider the “dumb”
$10 million park in downtown Santa Rosa. “Dumb” park meet “SMART” train. Uncomfortable benches with no backs. No trees (tore them down). No play area for kids. No restrooms. The downtown denizens won’t get caught dead in this park. Was that the plan? On the other hand you can hear the train whistle, and that must count for something.


I read Mike Shea’s letter to the editor (June 21) in reference to the pathetic excuse of a supposed “reunification project” of downtown Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square. I agree with the writer 100 percent. It’s another empty, soulless, unimaginative, cement-filled taxpayer boondoggle disguised and peddled as something other than that. How anyone could laud something as abhorrent as the “new town square” is beyond the pale.

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Book Fare

One hundred and forty-nine dollars for a book (“Pot Rules,” June 21)? Thanks for not helping the people that need it! I can’t help it. I think that’s seriously shameful.



I am one of those tribal members (Coos) that opposes this project (“Pipelines and Battlelines,” June 14). The pipeline would go through forests and under the Umpqua, Rogue, Coquille and Coos rivers. It would ultimately be bad for fish and wildlife and impact archaeological sites.

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We all need to wake up and see this project as a real threat. So much environmental, cultural and property damage could be unleashed in the five river crossings if the line ever leaks or breaks! So scary the way this is getting pushed ahead after being rejected twice. Do whatever you can to educate others and fight this thing.

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Stepping Out

Marin also has the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, which offers tours of local farming operations, often followed by hikes on private ranches. Those shorter hikes are more my speed than the few overnight camping trips described here (“The Outback in Our Backyard”, May 17), but I still think TrekSonoma is super-cool.

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