Letters to the Editor: July 20, 2016

In which a patriot makes a heartfelt plea to Kim Kardashian

Bird Brains

This is very interesting research (“Put a Bird on It,” July 13). Another good example of the interface between humans and the natural order. We still have much to learn about birds and their true benefit to humans. I think tagging birds, like we have tagged other wild animals, will continue to provide us with valuable information, like how birds acclimate to changing habitat and environment. And I hope we keep protecting our environment to provide a healthy place for birds to flourish.

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Not Factual

“[B]ut the dark side of his success is that, most likely, he consumed his siblings—not uncommon in the unsentimental world of the barn owl.” I’m sorry, this is not factual. They only consume siblings after they have died, or maybe almost died. They do not engage in siblicide. Also, vineyards that kill birds can never be bird-friendly. It’s not a few nonnative songbirds that get trapped and killed; it’s more like thousands, and it’s not OK. I appreciate that vineyards are moving towards nontoxic, predator-friendly practices. Barn owls and bluebirds are a vineyard’s best friends, as long as no poison is used. This is a great study and much-needed, but there have been others. Another study was published in the local Ag Alert paper in April of this year. I look forward to the results of this new study.

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Save Us,
Kim Kardashian

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney called Donald Trump “a phony and a fraud” among other things in a scorched-earth speech at the University of Utah this past March. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has consistently trashed the brash billionaire as “un-American” and worse. Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona states that he prefers to “mow the lawn” rather than to attend the coronation of Donald Trump at the Republican convention in Cleveland. Presidential candidate Jeb Bush slammed Trump thoroughly in an op-ed in last Friday’s Washington Post, arguing that Mr. Trump is not qualified to be president. These are just some of the high-ranking Republicans who are refusing to support the nominee of their own party. Still, mysteriously, Donald Trump does well in the polls when matched up against Hillary Clinton.

The poor white trailer trash and self-hating minorities that are the core supporters of Donald Trump are not listening to these voices of dissent. To enlighten these voters, we need more anti-Trump voices placed in the National Enquirer and Playboy. To reach these folks, perhaps Kim Kardashian can be persuaded to speak out against this despicable presidential candidate. Just an idea.


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