Letters to the Editor: July 1, 2015

Hey, fix our roads; hey, don't waste water; hey, sorry about those errors

Who’s Working for Whom?

I recently called the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and asked why they hadn’t created Measure A specifically for repaving our awful roads, and was told because it would take a two-thirds majority to pass. When I brought up the notion that the public does not trust them with our money, it was as if I were speaking Greek. Sonoma County needs supervisors who are in tune with the public, and from what we have seen of Supervisor David Rabbitt, he is definitely not.

How about a new measure that will only go toward fixing our terrible roads? Anyone not using 101 on a daily basis should get down on his knees and give thanks for not being part of the parking lot. Instead of simply adding one lane in each direction, the “powers that be” are going to see to it that they ruin the once wonderful stretch of land between Novato and Petaluma. I wrote to Rabbitt about this months ago and never heard back. Are these supervisors really working for us? I think not!


Water Hogs

Well that about sums up “the American way” (“Rich Californians,” Facebook,
June 14). If I can pay for it, I can get it, and screw those who can’t. That is the country we know live in. The rich get rich and the poor get poorer. The authorities can issue all the citations they want. Rich people will simply pay them and keep on watering.

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People only react and respond to conservation when it hits them where it hurts most, their pocketbook. The state needs to be more active about fining the abusers.

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I saw someone watering his rocks (at noon even!) one day. My arm shot up and I pointed at him, directing anger and shame his way. My mom stopped the car and glared at him. He stopped the watering about four seconds later. People like that are selfish bastards.

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Dept. of Corrections

Last week’s story “Home Grown”
(June 24) listed the incorrect phone number for Soul Riders. The correct number is 707.978.3810. Also, mention of Go Local and North Bay Made may not have made it sufficiently clear that the two organizations are not related. They are definitely not. Finally, Debriefer incorrectly said that Jared Huffman is a first-term congressman; he’s a second-termer.

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