Letters to the Editor: January 31, 2017

'I think there is a coup d'état occurring in America'

Trippy Writer

Nice to see Michael Pollan get some
ink in the Bohemian (“A Writer’s Trip,”
Dec. 31) For those not familiar with him, he is not only one of the best nonfiction writers working today, but the most entertaining as well. Most importantly, he has vital things to say about how we live in this world. The Omnivore’s Dilemma should be required reading for everyone in this country who happens to eat. You will never look at a Big Mac the same way again after learning the story of corporate farming disasters, government subsidies and animal abuse that puts this alleged food item on your table (or car seat). The Botany of Desire tells the fascinating relationships we have developed with four different plants, one of which happens to be cannabis. Do yourself a favor—read
this guy!


Peace in the End

One would be remiss to honor Dennis Peron and not mention Island Cafe in the Castro (Open Mic, Jan. 31). Dennis and the collective who ran it served great crêpes, fruit salad and wit with every meal. Many strategies, heated discussions and dreams for a new order where all were welcome, honored and respected took place at and around the tables. Peace in the end, Dennis!


Save It

The wine grape growers won’t be happy until all the hillside forests are gone
(“A Vine Mess,” Dec. 31). Unless there is some protection, clear-cutting and conversion will continue unabated. I hope this measure is allowed on the ballot, and that the voters put the environment ahead of money and booze.

Via Bohemian

Editor’s Note: The Watershed and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative has qualified for the June ballot.

Coup d’état

While the world focuses on Trump and his potty mouth, his administration is systemically dismantling the Department of Justice, the EPA, OSHA, the Department of Education and the Bureau of Land Management. Plus, they are unraveling healthcare, the internet, immigration programs and much more. Much of this goes unnoticed by the public, overshadowed by his pernicious personality.

I don’t think many people get it. People assume that all will be well when Trump is booted out of office. I think there is a coup d’état occurring in America. Not the idiot liberal coup the Republicans are touting, but a real one, funded by the richest men in the history of the world, and implemented by their extremist lackeys in the Republican party, as well as others, including Putin and his oligarchs.

The parallels between this coup and the Weimar Republic of Germany are shocking. America is entirely capable of a holocaust that could dwarf the efforts of the Nazis. They flat-out murdered 13 million people, including Jews, communists, homosexuals and “criminals”—the equivalent of our Mexicans, liberals, LGBTs and addicts. It can’t happen here, can it. Can it?

Santa Rosa

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