Letters to the Editor: January 17, 2017

Thank you, Shepherd Bliss...Well done, Mr. Templeton...Since when do I need someone to tell me what's good for me?

New Sheriff
in Town?

Since last spring, the Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management District (PRMD) has been persecuting residents who have small medical-cannabis farms. This tactic means many families will lose annual income. Residents with agricultural residential zoned properties are given no option to contest zoning restriction on cultivation permits.

The option to go legal needs to be equally accessible to all landowners, and the final decision of approval of the application is up to the county PRMD. However, in my opinion the PRMD is stepping up using its land-use-violation jurisdiction. Using aerial surveillance, the PRMD has sent letters to every property with a greenhouse, claiming they are generated from individual neighbor complaints about commercial marijuana growing and unpermitted structures. This is a false claim based on little or no evidence. Based on talking with the numerous individual who received PRMD letters, it is apparent that no neighbors filed complaints. This is a fabricated story.

The PRMD has taken over the role of sheriff. With fines to levy and property to confiscate, the county stands to make money off growers’ hard work. This is not acceptable or fair to taxpaying citizens. The county is greedy and corrupt and needs a swift legal kick in the proverbial pants, which the feds may provide.


It Makes
No Sense

I am from Alabama, and I believe that Attorney General Jeff Session can’t get out of his own way (“Alabama Slammer,” Jan. 10). I served in Iraq and am 45 years old with PTSD. Since when do I need someone to tell me what’s good for me? If I smoke pot, I have to do it illegally. What sense does that make?

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Closing Act

David Templeton will be sorely missed (“Exit Stage Left,” Jan. 10). The Press Democrat failed miserably by ignoring theater and its importance to readers in our community. Thanks to David’s fair and intelligently written reviews in the Bohemian, culture in the North Bay was alive. Well done, Mr. Templeton. Thank you and break a leg.

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Soul Food

Thank you, Shepherd Bliss, for this inspiring and informative article (“Down at the Death Cafe,” Jan. 10). I’m a grief counselor and have been wanting to attend a Death Cafe for years. This particular event feels very much to me like psychospiritual and emotional food for the soul. What a beautiful way to share our hearts, grief, joy and all that arises when facing death’s final frontiers.

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